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Vinyl Specialising in LP’s, 45’s, Retro, Funk, Rock, collectible albums. Browse through and spin some tunes from the collection instore. Our onsite second hand dealer specializes in collectibles, retro wares, albums, tapes, CDs, turntables, art works and much more.

IF YOUR’E LOOKING FOR that unusual item, LP’s or that special quirky object or vintage collectible from your past that is affordable then check out JUNKYARD DOGZ on the ground floor at TWEED CREATIVE STUDIOS in Murwillumbah.

Junkyard Dogz is a haven for pickers and collectors so chances are that we may have just what you’re  looking for.

Feel free to come in just for a browse and take a trip down memory lane with our music and super cool and unusual items instore.

Our pickers hunt far and wide to bring you those special wares that you have looking for from vintage to retro to modern wares. You are bound to find unique items here.

If we don’t have what you’re looking for just ask, we will keep an eye out for you then let you know when we have found your item of interest.

All retro wares are sold at a reasonable prices.

Retro Wares

Vintage, Collectibles, Crystals, Clothes, Toys, Gifts, Jewellery, Pendants, Interior Decorations

Fresh Coffee

Order a cup of great freshground coffee –  enjoy your drink whilst you browse.

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