Tweed Creative Studios



‘’ It really, you forget about all the hard times. That’s right, yeah, it’s really helped me to become a better person

 ‘’I’d Be LOST without them.’

‘’It’s something you put away, it’s not something you let take charge of your life…but why not let it!’’

‘’I don’t know where I’d be without the music.’’

“This is the most live music that we have had in this town in almost 20 years.”

 “I would never want this place to close…..Never ever ever ever.”

 “It’s just what the town needs. You know, creative colourful vibrant hub where people can just come together and play music and well pardon my French, but don’t give a @#$&!!!

How would you rate your skills, knowledge and confidence before your TCS jam nights involvement?”

 “Chana and I have worked well together over the last few years with both our businesses in combination. We have formed a partnership within the creative industries, (TCS creates business and creative opportunities for youth) with my dance classes that I teach in and my rock and roll band.”

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