Providing a safe environment for our customers and store team members will always be our highest priority at Tweed Creative Studios. We also want to do our best during this challenging period to allow our customers to access service, advice and product when they need it. Below you’ll find some information about how we’re managing things in a rapidly and frequently changing environment. We’ll share new information on this page as it comes to hand.

Store trading hours

Tweed Creative Studios store is open and our team is ready to help, however our trading hours are a little bit different than usual.

Please check out our new current trading hours.


Store cleaning and hygiene

We have expanded our cleaning routines across our store, including increased cleaning throughout the day.

Our team has had additional training on maintaining good hygiene practices. To support this, the store may be operating a little differently than usual.

Teachers and students

We are cleaning music rooms between student changeovers, minimising the amount of people in the waiting room limited to 5.  We request that once 5 people are in the waiting room that students wait at the front door downstairs untill their lesson begins.

Store capacity management

We are restricting the number of people (staff and customers) allowed in each store at any given time. All stores will allow a maximum of 10 people at any time, dependant on size.

Distancing while waiting at the Checkout

We ask our customers to observe Government recommendations on social distancing whilst waiting in the checkout queue. Please observe a minimum distance of 1.5 metres between customers. We have placed guides within store checkout lanes to help you with this.

Payment options

Payment via debit, credit or approved finance cards, as well as Tweed Creative Studios  gift cards through our payment terminal is the preferred way to make payment in our store. However, we will still be accepting cash if that is the only way you can make payment.


Team readiness and support

We have requested any team member feeling unwell to remain at home. We also encourage our customers who are feeling unwell to also remain at home. We have our teams prepared to respond to any health and safety issues should they arise.

Safe delivery practices

There is currently no impact to our delivery services, however, the safety of our customers and team members, including delivery drivers, is our number one priority.

We have implemented the following so we can continue safely delivering your products:

– Delivery drivers are practising social distancing when goods are loaded.
– Additional hygiene practices have been implemented with emphasis on hand hygiene. All crews carry sanitiser and wipes with their vehicles.
– Delivery crews practice social distancing when performing delivery services, ensuring a minimum 1.5 metre separation from customers.
– We can also arrange no-touch deliveries which will involve delivery of goods to a secure location on your premises – with no unboxing or removal of old product.


We’d like to thank our customers and teams for their patience and understanding as we work through this challenging period.

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