Tuition in Murwillumbah. Have you been yearning to play an instrument or sing?


Tweed Creative Studios facilitates tuition on a daily basis, lessons are taught by professional musicians and music teachers. Music tuition is held in an air-conditioned music room or in the fully equipped rehearsal studio. Refreshments are available downstairs and we have a comfortable air-conditioned foyer area where parents and students can wait and relax. We encourage students to get involved in our youth activities when they feel they are ready to perform for their parents and friends. Youth nights provide a great platform for young musicians to become familiar with  playing in front of an audience, meet other like minded young musicians. See our Youth Events page for more info


We also can provide tuition in Recording, Sound and Audio Engineering.

Jake Mann from Kitnkaboodle Productions can guide you in one on one lessons.  Responsible for the creation of many albums worth of music and  drawing on nearly 3 decades of experience in the industry, Jake is a multi-instrumentalist & live sound engineer, proving valuable as a session player on many recording sessions. Contact Jake (click here) for hourly rates or to discuss a custom package for your next lesson.





Drum lessons: Monday  to Friday
Piano lessons: Monday to Friday
Guitar lessons: Monday to Friiday
Vocal classes: Tuesday Thursday Friday & Saturday

Appointments can also be arranged for:

Bass, Ukulele, Banjo, Mandolin, Trumpet, Flute, Harmonica

Saxaphone & Slide guitar.

Meet our friendly music teachers

music tuition murwillumbah

Fiona Ryan

Piano & Flute Teacher

Fiona Ryan is a classically trained musician who with music as her magic carpet has traveled the world from Alaska to the outback. She’s played in-line ups covering countless genres including Celtic, Folk, Indian, Blues, Middle Eastern, Funk, Ska, Reggae, Country and that old time Rock and Roll. She’s been a backing and session musician for most of her life for the famous and the infamous. She has performed on the big stages of Broad beach Blues Fest, Byron Bay Blues Festival, Woodford, and Sydney Opera House just to name a few
Piano, flute and vocals are her main instruments and she is passionate about her impressive collection of flutes and keyboard instruments from across the globe. She has an utterly distinctive voice that moves people, and her original compositions are intelligently crafted. Her passion for music knows no bounds. She is a multi-instrumentalist that can play a tune on instruments of all kinds. Her compositions range from hilarious to heartbreaking. Fiona is as charismatic on-stage as she is off-stage. After her index finger was severed (and successfully reattached!)she decided to throw herself into the spotlight with her previously closeted originals accompanied by her beautiful piano playing, her  distinctive,impressive voice , and fantastic flute . She has the ability to truly move people with her music.

Phil Eizenberg

Guitar & Ukelele Teacher

In the early 1980s Phil was a member of three successful rock groups –
Ian “Molly” Meldrum’s, The Ferrets, The Mighty Guys (produced by Glenn A Baker), and Jimmy and the Boys – with many recordings to their credit, including a Number One Australian hit (The Ferrets’ “Don’t’ Fall in Love”). A session musician for the Polygram stable, with many recordings in the Top 40, Phil had the gig to play the major touring theatre shows around Australia and New Zealand, including Jesus Christ Superstar, The Rocky Horror Show and Ned Kelly. Phil has also been a side-man for some of Australia’s leading rock ’n’ roll
singers such as Judy Stone, Jon English, Trevor White and Frankie J. Holden
to name a few. He studied musicology, song writing and composition at the University of California (Berkeley), University of New England, and Sydney Conservatorium. He has produced an Australian country/blues music CDs featuring didgeridoo and dobro, two CDs under the Eizenberg name as well as country rock albums, Good Rockin’ Tonight and Faded Memories for Mike “houndog” Winkworth and Paul Ensbey, an album of Australian Poetry for Mark “Bushy” Thompson, and a meditation CD. Phil Teaches intermediate to advanced guitar and theory, Phil is also a multi instrumentalist. Phone the studio to book.

Mohini Cox

Singing Teacher

With a degree in music from McGill Conservatorium and a scholarship in Dance from the Toronto Dance Academy, accomplished International performance artist Mohini Cox has worked with some of the finest in the industry including: Albert “Iceman” Collins, Bo Diddly, Celine Dion, the Treavor Payne Gospel Ensemble, Katt Dyson and Rhonda Smith (Prince), House of Payne, and the Powder Blues Band of Vancouver, Canada.  She has been also featurted on countless studio jingles and vocals projects

Mohini is currently involved in all aspects of artist development and teaches singing and piano at Tweed Creative Studios

Rex Carter

Drum Teacher

Ringo started it.
I remember my mothers amused looks as I drummed on the table and sang “She Loves You Yeah, Yeah, Yeah.”
It wasn’t so much the catchy chorus that resonated with me. It was the beat. It was New Zealand, 1963. I was 8 and all the music in our house came from the radio. In 1969 I had a record player and a paper round. I spent all my money on records. Cream had just disbanded and Jimi Hendrix ruled. Ginger Baker and Mitch Mitchell were now the inspiration.
A lot of my friends played guitar and one of them had an old drum kit. Most weekends were spent jamming at the house of the guy with the coolest mum. What a joyous noise we made!
A lot of the neighborhood kids would hang out and I discovered that a good beat could make girls dance. I was hooked. I spent a lot of time sitting on my bed playing along to records or whatever came out of the radio, using a couple of pieces of dowel as sticks. In 1973 I finished school and with my first pay packet, went into the local music shop and put a deposit on a drum kit of my own. Not long after, unschooled, self taught and nervous, I was hired for my first paid gig. That’s how I started. 40 years and a lot of music later, I live in Byron Bay, Australia, playing and teaching drums for a living. I’m still making a joyous noise and people dance. I feel blessed. If you would like a lesson, need a drummer for a gig or recording, if you’re looking for live music for your venue or event or if you’d just like to say hi, please contact me.

Mikey Minh
UNSW and Sydney Conservatorium of Music accredited Drum and Guitar
The oldest instrument known to our planet is the voice, since humans have
always sung and communicated via this skill. We have also recorded in many
cave paintings and archaeological findings, the discovery of striking sticks
against logs. Humans then began to improve on this sound with the invention
of stretching animal hide over hollowed out tree trunk segments; we began to
communicate even more effectively, reaching outwards from our own tribe and
swapping ideas with our neighbouring ancestors.
Would you like to explore one of the oldest instruments known to human kind?
Would you like to feel one of the most powerful forces of energy we have
invented for ourselves? Drumming is instinctual and innate in all of us, but at
some point in our regimented lifestyles and busy scheduled routines, we
stopped communicating with spirit and we ceased to hear with our rhythmic
Mikey Minh is a professional accredited music teacher, who has toured across
Europe, Asia and the entire Australian Coast playing in bands such as Black &
Blues, The Blue Eyed Ravens, Mojada, Mutgash Poison, Cherry 2000 and
numerous cover bands and original acts. Mikey Minh has performed with the
UNSW String Ensemble and has supported touring acts such as Tim
Freedman and Geoff Martin of the Tea Party.
Mikey’s style of teaching is approved by the Australian music syllabus, NESA
and the Department of education standards. He will guide you through most
styles of music ranging from Jazz, Rock, Metal, Funk, Latin, Electronica and
Afro Cuban genres. Mikey is highly influenced by his own teachers and
drumming idols such as Dr Andy Gander, Dr David Goodman, Andrew
Dickenson, Hamish Stuart and Louis Burddett.
For lesson bookings please enquire here at Tweed Creative Studios.


Ismet “Izzy” Osmanovic (Ex- Judge mercy) Joined the Screaming Jets in 1992.

He is Considered one of the best Rock Guitarists in the country by his peers.

Izzy joined guitarist kevin Borich in a version of the Party Boys called Kevin Borich’s

Party Boyz

and toured the Australian East Coast in early 2011.

Phone 0266725556 for lessons with Izzy

Wes Kingston Saxophone

My name is Wes Kingston. I live in Tweed Heads & have 3 children.
My love of music started in early High School on the Central Coast
of NSW. I was very fortunate to have very passionate music
teachers who encouraged me to play several musical instruments. I
play the Soprano Sax, Alto Sax, Tenor Sax, Trumpet & Bass Guitar.
My High School Band was invited to play at the Royal Easter Show &
placed third in NSW beating the Newtown Performing Arts High
School. I was also invited to play at the Banff Music Festival in
Canada both in the School Orchestral Band & The Jam Factory Jazz
Since leaving school & moving to Northern NSW I have continued my
interest in music & play whenever I can from as far south as Byron
Bay to Brisbane. I love all genre’s of music & love to entertain &
bring enjoyment to those who will listen.

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